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Month: August, 2019

YOUR MOMENT OF MUSIC AND ART WEEK 35, from Pam and Wendell

About this week’s offering, Pam says: For today, August 25th, Wendell and I honor and commemorate the life of Michael Gilmor (1995-2018), who passed away on this day last year. I wrote Golden Summer (Michael & Briana’s Song) last year upon hearing of his death. Michael was a Fulbright friend and colleague in Poland in 2017-18, and one of the most extraordinarily kind, generous, and brilliant people I have ever met. He died suddenly, and tragically upon his return to the U.S., just shy of his 23rd birthday. I had always said that I would never compose music – that it just wasn’t in me – that I was a player (a re-creator of others’ music). But, I was so grieved by his passing, that this piece rose out of me, helped me with my grief, and has now touched others. I credit Michael for inspiring this new path for me, and I am eternally grateful for his continued generosity. Golden Summer was my attempt to honor and immortalize the love that he shared with Briana (also a Poland Fulbrighter, 2017-18), and it has become the third movement of my piece called Three Scenes from Poland. We are pairing it with Wendell’s Backlit Grove (acrylic on canvas 48 x 48, 2016 – inspired by living in Poland for the summer of 2016 wendellmyers.com). May you find peace in this. Pam and Wendell pamelahowland.com

YOUR MOMENT OF MUSIC AND ART WEEK 34, from Pam and Wendell

Dear Friends, “Gray November” is the 2nd piece in my work called THREE SCENES FROM POLAND (pamelahowland.com). These pieces were written as reflections on my year there (last week was the first – “Field of Poppies”, and next week will feature the third movement – “Golden Summer (Michael and Briana’s Song). “Gray November” especially focuses on the gray, yes-depressing, world of November in Poland! I enjoyed finding the colors on the piano to express the melancholy, sorrow, and grief that this weather triggered. Wendell’s painting “Dark Sky with Red Hills” (acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24, 2011 wendellmyers.com ) is the perfect complement. Although enjoy is probably not the right word, we hope this fusion is meaningful to you. All the best, Pam and Wendel

YOUR MOMENT OF MUSIC AND ART WEEK 33, from Pam and Wendell

“Field of Poppies” is the first piece in Pam’s new composition called THREE SCENES FROM POLAND (2019, pamelahowland.com).  She says, “For me, it conjures a train ride through the Polish countryside.” I have painted “Poppies in the Field,” ( acrylic on paper, 8 x 10, 2019 wendellmyers.com) to pair with it. For the video, my challenge this week was to use audio and video from 2 different sources. I know this is not a big deal, but since I am just learning how to edit videos, and since I have seen plenty of videos where the audio and video are poorly synced, I was a little intimidated by the thought of doing this. Because our friend, the very talented cellist and recording engineer Evan Richey was recording “Three Scenes from Poland” for Pam, I wanted to take the opportunity to have a better sound quality on several videos, as well as to make sure I could sync audio from a separate source, as well as sync video from more than one camera.

YOUR MOMENT OF MUSIC AND ART, WEEK 32, from Pam and Wendell

Dear Friends,

Here is this week’s fusion:

“Let it Be” (Lennon/McCartney- Pam’s arrangement) plus Wendell’s painting “Yellow Spirit Figure” (acrylic on canvas 30 x 40, 2011). We hope you enjoy this!

Best wishes,

Pam and Wendell

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