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Month: April, 2019

YOUR MOMENT OF MUSIC AND ART WEEK 18, from Pam and Wendell

Dear Friends, Having completed 18 MOMENTS of Music and Art, Pam and I feel like we are just beginning to know what we are doing! First of all, how have 18 weeks of this year already gone by!? We thought you might like to hear a little about our process — it is fun, frustrating, exciting, discouraging, surprising, and always enlightening! This is an experiment for us in many things, but most importantly, the fusion of music and art. Most people don’t realize that I (Wendell) had never done any type of video editing before starting this. So for me, this involves not only learning a new medium, but figuring out how to fuse my work with the music. For Pam, the challenge and fun is in just sitting down, without any fancy CD recording equipment or editing, to create a satisfying performance of a favorite piece . Pam says that often times, she is seeing the painting we have chosen while she plays. One constant in our collaboration is that Pam wants to see less of herself, and more of my painting, while I want to see more of her playing. So, each week, we are trying to figure out how best to balance this! We hope you enjoy this week’s fusion of Chopin’s beautiful Waltz in C-sharp Minor, with Wendell’s “Grove of Green and Gold” –painted in Poland last year(acrylic on paper, mounted on panel 10 x 10) Best wishes, Pam and Wendell wendellmyers.com / pamelahowland.com

YOUR MOMENT OF MUSIC AND ART, WEEK 17, from Pam and Wendell

For week 17 we have chosen the “Raindrop” Prelude (Prelude in D-flat Major, Op. 28 No. 15) by Chopin to be paired with Wendell’s painting called “Nocturne No. 8 in D-flat Major” (acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30, 2013). This “moment” is a study in dark and light contrasts, both in the music and in the art — somehow fitting for Easter and Passover.
wendellmyers.com pamelahowland.com

YOUR MOMENT OF MUSIC AND ART WEEK 16, from Pam and Wendell

For the dark moments in your life…This week we combine another one of Chopin’s Preludes – the short, dark piece in C Minor Op. 28 No. 20 – with one of Wendell’s new paintings – a short, dark work called “Light Over Mountains” 2019 (acrylic on paper, mounted on panel 7″ x5″). pamelahowland.com wendellmyers.com

YOUR MOMENT OF MUSIC AND ART, WEEK 15, from Pam and Wendell

SHORT AND SWEET — Chopin’s 50- second Prelude in A Major Op. 28 No. 7 plus Wendell’s “Hilltop Grove #1” (acrylic on paper, mounted on panel 10 x 10) pamelahowland.com wendellmyers.com