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Month: January, 2019

Your Moment of Music and Art, Week 5, from Pam and Wendell

Week 5 gave us new challenges and we hope that you will enjoy the pairing of Wendell’s “Winter Marsh” with Pam’s version of Chopin’s A Minor Mazurka, Op. 17 No. 4.  The combination has the feel of a journey, both in the varied subtlety of Wendell’s landscape and in the form of the music itself.  It is written in an A-B-A form, beginning in the somber minor mode, switching to A Major in the more hopeful “B” section, only to return to the melancholy minor key.  

Your Moment of Music and Art, Week 4, From Pam and Wendell


Dear Friends,

Here is our Week 4 Offering:

Chopin’s Mazurka in B-flat Major, Op. 7 No. 1 is one of his most lively mazurkas.  It is fun to play and also to imagine the dancers and folk musicians perhaps playing violins, flutes and bagpipes – especially towards the end of the piece. Wendell chose his painting “Poppies” (acrylic on paper 11 x 7.5), for its exuberant folk art character, which pairs well with this Polish folk dance.  When you visit the Polish countryside you will see fields of beautiful poppies – the national flower of Poland.

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Please enjoy and share with your friends.   

Thank you, as always,

Pam and Wendell

Your Moment of Music and Art Week 3

This week features Pam’s version of Chopin’s Mazurka in G Minor, Op. 67 No. 2 and Wendell’s “Evening Approaches.” About this collaboration: Pam says: “This mazurka is an example of the kujawiak type of mazurka – slow and melancholic- from the Kujawy region of Poland. One of my favorite things about it is that Chopin interrupts the main melody with a mournful little solo line for right- hand only, before returning to the main theme.” Wendell says: “I chose ‘Evening Approaches’ to accompany this mazurka because I think this bleak landscape visually echoes the slow, melancholic nature of the piece. I paired the short, blues-like right hand solo melody with a focus on a relatively empty section of the horizon in the left-side of the painting, visually reflecting the spare, mournful character.” Please enjoy!

Your Moment of Music and Art, Week 2

Ridgeline with Red Trees
Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 30

Your Moment of Music and Art


Welcome to 2019! We are taking on the challenge of combining our talents to deliver a regular moment of beauty to you in 2019. Each “Moment” will feature a one-take musical performance by Pamela Howland and a painting by Wendell Myers. This week features Chopin’s E Minor Mazurka, Op. 17 #2 paired with “Mountain Mists.” Look for this on Mondays, and if you like this, please subscribe to this channel to receive future episodes.

October Tree Line #1

October Treeline # 1

October Treeline # 1