Ok, so that plan had mixed results.

by wendellmyersart

My painting studio mirrored painting wall

Mixed results:  I did manage to get ALL of the finished paintings OUT of my studio. Which means they will be out of my way for CREATING!  However, I was not able to hang as many as I would have liked.  My family has a very contemporary aesthetic, and didn’t like the way my paintings were beginning to “clutter” the nice, white walls (!).  I have to admit, things were beginning to look a little cluttered.  Think “art fair” vs. gallery.  So, now I have 63 finished paintings hung around the house, and another 55 stored in various places…In my studio now, are ONLY:  10 paintings in progress, and 15 prepared canvases, as well as all my “stuff.”  Paints, brushes, worktables, palettes, etc.  Of course, since my studio doubles as the family’s exercise room, I have to share it with a Nordic Trac ski machine and a large (foldable, thankfully) treadmill, but I do manage to work around those issues.